Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

Here we are back at Sunday again – boy, they sure come around quickly these days. Maybe because I want the summer to last and last and last. Summer is my favourite season – always has been and always will be – I love heat and sun and water – there really is nothing better.

I left the cottage to come back and do some work so instead of thinking about summer and the cottage I had best get down to work so I can get back to enjoying my favourite season at the cottage again later this week.

This week’s rules say to stitch around the shapes and add some couching to the piece as well as another embellishment such as fabric beads or paper beads. For this week’s complete rules you can find them on Ruth’s blog – July Week 3 Rules.

Last week I left you with the triangles on an angle in one picture and straight on in the other picture. Which one did you decide on? I went with straight on as I liked the linear look of the whole piece.

To begin I decided that I might as well sandwich my piece with the batting and backing and use this stitching as the quilting. Maybe save myself some time next week.

Quilt sandwich made of 3 layers and pinned together

Layers pinned together

Because this piece is so linear I didn’t use the free motion satin stitch but rather a regular satin stitch using an open toed embroidery foot. This satin stitch takes longer to do but it gave me the look I wanted. Nice straight and even stitching. Here it is along the red pillars.

Red pillars with satin stitching

Satin stitch on red pillars

And on the triangles.

Cream satin stitch on triangles

Satin stitch on triangles

I went with rayon thread that blended with each of the fabrics but still had a shine. I figured I would let the fabrics do the talking rather than the thread this time.

Now that the stitching is done it is time to move onto some couching. But I’m going to have to leave that for another day as it is the end of the day and I’m tired.

All stitching complete around red and cream shapes

Satin stitch complete

So there will be a second part to this week’s stitch along later in the week.

Happy Quilting!

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