Coasters, mug and flowers

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

The last sunday in February has arrived and along with it the final instalment of this month’s Stitch Along. If you recall last week – week 3 – I wasn’t thrilled with my piece once I had added in the free motion quilting. In fact I was quite disappointed.

This week’s rules can be found on Ruth’s blog at – February Week 4 rules. Don’t forget to check out the Gallery and see how everyone’s pieces turned out.

We are cutting up the square – maybe I’ll like it better.

Preparing the Piece

I squared off my piece to 9″ and then cut it into four squares which were 4 ½″.

Four equal sized teal square with stitching

Square cut into 4 squares

Because I now had pieces of wool with unsecured ends that could fray I applied Fray Block to the loose ends to make sure they wouldn’t fray.

Ruth provided a PDF of shapes for us to choose from to create these coasters. There was a square, circle and heart. I decided to go with the square that had curved edges. This way I could use my cool tool from a couple of weeks ago – the Curved Corner Cutter.

Cutting the Corners

I placed the ruler on the square with the 1 ½″ curve at the corner.

Rounded corner ruler on square fabric

Ruler in place on square

Then using the rotary cutter I followed the curve and trimmed off the square edge.

Corner of square trimmed off to create a curved corner

Corner of square trimmed off

Here it is with all 4 edges trimmed.

A square with rounded corners

Four rounded corners

Binding the Coasters

I didn’t want to do a traditional binding and I wanted to stick to a more artsy feel to the coasters. I decided to use the satin stitch to bind the coasters. I also used this edging on the Wreath Quilt which I finished last week.

First round around the coaster with a variegated teal thread. Not quite enough coverage. The stitch width was set at 5.0 and the length at 0.10 to create a nice close satin stitch.

Satin stitch around edge of coaster

First round of satin stitch

Second time around has good coverage and will keep everything in place. So with the satin stitch as the binding the coaster doesn’t exactly sit flat but rather has a rippled edge appearance which I like.

Two rounds of satin stitching to edge the square

Second round of stitching complete

Now that these little coasters are made I quite like the outcome of this month’s stitch along.

For teal coasters

Four coasters ready for use

It was fun and I am sure I will be making a few more of these coasters – a great little gift to give when a quick gift is needed. And they can be made in any colour.

This has also given me ideas for Mug Rug Monday.

Happy Quilting!

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