stones in a hole in a rock full of water

Hey everyone, welcome back to another great day in St Martins, New Brunswick. The shoot today was at the beach but first we decided to get up really early and go to the lighthouse to photograph the sunrise. If you are just tuning in for the first time then make sure to check out St Martins, NB – Day 1 and St Martins, NB – Day 2.

It was a great idea but the fact that the fog horn was blaring should have alerted us to the fact that there would be no sunrise. Now, the fog could have cleared and the sun could have come out and so if we had not gone that probably would have happened and we would have missed a great opportunity.

I didn’t photograph the sun but I did photograph some fireweed. Fireweed is one of my favourite flowers and grew everywhere in the Northwest Territories. I had not seen any for years and this summer I have been fortunate to see it twice – once on the trip to Newfoundland and now here in New Brunswick.

I submitted this photo for review of the fireweed. The suggestion they gave was to shoot from lower down and then all of the flowers would have been in the light area rather than being obscured in the dark foliage on the bottom of the photo. Do I go back one morning and see what I can do or just leave it?  That’s a good question.

image of fireweed at dawn

Fireweed at dawn with fog

Shooting at the beach was a challenge for me as when I walked out onto it all I saw was a scene of grey. Everything was very achromatic in my mind and I was not inspired. Colour was missing and boy did I notice that fact. I didn’t even try to shoot from here and started walking to the far end. Others though made some amazing images.

At the far end of the beach along the cliff and rocks there was a lot of green algae. When the sun finally came out it was just aglow and adding a polarizing filter to the lens just heightened that glow. Looks a bit like slime.

green algae on the beach rocks

The green algae on the rocks

I wasn’t real thrilled with what I was achieving in my images along the rocks so I turned around and took a few shots along the beach floor. This one turned out pretty good with the big rock at the top of the image and the smaller rock in the bottom right hand area. There is great perspective in this photo with the two different sized rocks.

rocks and ocean floor when tide out

The tide is out

My winning image for the day is of these barnacles sitting on a rock. I took it both in the shade and the sun. My favourite was the one in the sun because the centres of the barnacles are really dark and look like black holes.

rock with barnacles

Small barnacles on a rock

Tomorrow we are off to Freeman Patterson’s property at Shamper’s Bluff to photograph his gorgeous gardens. I am told they are magical, guess I will soon find out.

Happy Quilting