A vintage Singer sewing machine in it's antique table

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

The other evening my sister and I checked out our Grandmother’s sewing machine. The machine is an Improved Seamstress from the National Sewing Machine Company with beautiful scroll work covering it. I actually thought it was a Singer because the manual said Singer on it. Thank you Allison for providing me with the correct information regarding my Grandma’s machine.

Vintage Singer sewing machine from circa 1925

Grandma’s vintage Singer machine

I have seen a few old machines and think they are just so neat. In fact I had a student recently using one from the 1940’s to piece her mini sunflower. She said she does all of her piecing on this machine. Her machine had no fancy scroll work though and was just black.

It also has a gorgeous antique cabinet that it lives in with lots of wood carving in the front of the drawers. The manual had a date of 1925 on it so I am assuming that the machine is from that Circa as well.

Intricate wood work on the antique sewing machine cabinet

A close up of the woodwork on the cabinet

Grandma’s machine came with a little box of accessories which have no similarity to the modern day machines at all. I have no idea when this machine actually last sewed any stitches and the belt looks a little brittle so it won’t be today.

Singer machine accessory box and owner's manual

Accessory box and manual for the Singer

From vintage to old

Last evening we were visiting our mother who at one time was a seamstress and worked in the fabric department of our local department store. She bought her Bernina machine when I was quite young so I am pretty sure it has to be at least 40 years old. I love how her machine sews and I am pleased to say that it will be coming to live in my house soon (shhhhhhh, don’t tell Michael as he thinks I already have enough machines).

Mom’s machine is heavy as it is made of metal. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have near as nice a cabinet for her machine as Grandma did.

A Bernina machine from the 1970's

Mom’s Bernina

From old to a bit more modern

My sister bought her first sewing machine back in 1978 which was a Pfaff. She has certainly put it through it’s paces and used it to sew many items over the years. She still uses this machine today and it has never let her down. I know that she used it to sew me many pieces of clothing for my dolls when I was a kid and last night she informed me that these pieces were very ugly. I didn’t think so.

Pfaff sewing machine from 1978

My sister’s machine

From a bit more modern to ultra modern

Machines nowadays are so sleek and modern looking. They have been computerized and have a gazillion different functions and features. A huge difference from my Grandmother’s old Singer machine from the 1920’s. The technology now is amazing.

This week I have been blogging for QUILTsocial all about the Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 – it’s features, functions and how it performs.

The Quilt Expression 4.2 sewing machine from Pfaff

Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2

Taking the machine for daily test drives has been a lot of fun. Each day I focused on something different in regards to the machine’s features, functions and performance.

Make sure to check out QUILTsocial, the new website for people who are passionate about quilting and want to be inspired. My week there is over for this month but I will be back next month to create a small project using the Quilt Expression 4.2 from Pfaff.

Happy Quilting