a tower of little creamer containers

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday

As some of you know I am a coffee-aholic – have been for years. I tried to stop once and was successful for about 6 months but then found myself drinking a lot of chocolate milk which I figured was probably worse for me than the coffee especially since it was made with Quick which I am sure is 99% sugar.

So what does this talk of coffee have to do with modern art?

Well, as you know most restaurants serve the milk and cream in those little containers – there isn’t enough in one of those to even slightly colour the coffee so I end up using 3 per cup usually if it is milk and 2 if cream. I prefer milk in my coffee over cream. I would think that it would be much more economical and environmentally friendly to just put a small pitcher of cream or milk on the table but don’t get me started….back to the post.

I can’t stand the little containers littered all over the table and so I put one inside the other as I am sure a lot of you do as well. One day though I thought what if I make sure the top flap is pressed over the edge and hanging off the container part. I did this with all of them and then stacked them making sure that the flaps twisted around in a circle just overlapping the one before it ever so slightly.

The more you have the better. The other day there were only two of us drinking coffee but we put in a good effort to create this spiral staircase. Or maybe it is a water slide.

What do you see?

Happy Quilting!

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