Inspiration Found At Tim Hortons

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

The other day when I went into the Tim Hortons coffee shop just down the street from the quilt shop to get a bagel I was standing and looking around at the surroundings. This Tim Hortons is really quite tiny with no seating so it is order, pay, pick up and go. As the bagel was being toasted I noticed a row of tiles on the wall and thought I could probably do something cool with that motif.

I asked the girl toasting my bagel if I could take a picture and she said go ahead. She didn’t even look at me strangely almost as if people come in everyday to take pictures of these tiles. Quite sure they don’t but then again there is a quilt shop down the street.

It would look great as an appliqué pattern or quilting motif. It would also work great as the on point centre medallion of a quilt with some fantastic borders added. One day in my spare time I will have to give the pattern a try.

Happy Quilting!

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