Boxes of freezer paper used to make quilting templates

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

Freezer paper is definitely a well used quilting tool.

Most quilter’s have used freezer paper at least once in their quilting life I would say. For me, I have used it fairly frequently with my art quilts.

It is wonderful for creating templates and not having to reverse anything. Just trace the template onto the dull side of the freezer paper, cut it out and iron onto the right side of the fabric. Then cut the shape out around the freezer paper. Depending what you are doing you may need to leave a ½″ around the template if you need to turn the edges under.

Iron freezer paper? Definitely. Make sure to iron with the shiny side down so it will stick to the fabric when it gets heated. It leaves no residue and just peels off. Plus it can be used several times before it loses its ability to stick to the fabric.

A great way to make templates that do not need fusible web and templates that are large.

Did you know you can buy it in 4 ft wide rolls and a 1000 ft long roll? Now that’s a lot of freezer paper.

Next time you need a template that doesn’t require fusible web then give the freezer paper a try. You can find it in your local grocery store and some quilt shops also carry it. Or you can just order from Amazon and have it shipped to your door.

Michael was shocked to see that it has directions right on the box on how to use it for quilt appliqués.

Happy Quilting!

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