2 colour LeMoyne star

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

The other day I had a request via e-mail to help find a pattern to make a 10″ LeMoyne star block. I did a search of my own on the internet and didn’t come up with a whole lot. I thought okay why not just do a blog post on how to make one. So here it is.

The LeMoyne star is an eight pointed star that can be made in a couple of ways. Back in August I did a post on how to make an eight pointed star which used set in pieces and diamond shapes – not the easy method.

Here is a much easier method using half square triangles.

I chose to make my block with three co-ordinating Christmas fabrics which I have had in my stash for many years. In fact I bought the fabric at Hetties Patch in Adelaide, South Australia. It is the Figgy Pudding line from Moda. The fabrics need to contrast enough so that the star pops off the background. I chose a light background with a medium and dark fabric for the star.

Cutting Instructions


  • Cut 4 – 3″ squares for the corner pieces
  • Cut 4 – 3 ¾″ squares for the half square triangles
squares cut from background fabric

Background pieces

Star Fabric #1

  • Cut 4 – 3 ¾″ squares for the half square triangles

Star Fabric #2

  • Cut 4 – 3 ¾″ squares for the half square triangles
red and blue/green squares for the star

Star fabrics 1 & 2

Making the Block

1. Follow the instructions on how to make half square triangles as posted previously on Technique Tuesday. Make 4 HSTs with the background and star fabric #1, 4 with the background and star fabric #2 and 4 with the 2 star fabrics.

four blue/green and red half square triangles

Star fabric #1 & #2 half square triangles

four half square triangles

Background and star fabric # 1 half square triangles

4 half square triangles with blue and cream

Background and star fabric #2 half square triangles

2. Square off each half square triangle to 3″. I like to use the Squaring Up Ruler from Quilt in a Day.

3. Layout the squares and half square triangles as in the photo below.

Squares in a star pattern

Lay out of squares to create the block

4. Sew together squares 1 & 2 in each row and squares 3 & 4 in each row. I pin them together on the side that needs to be sewn so as not to get any of the pieces turned around – this will help eliminate any reverse sewing.

squares pinned together

Pairs in each row pinned together

5. Press the seams in row 1 & 3 towards the first and third squares, in row 2 & 4 press towards the second and fourth squares. This will ensure they all next together when the rows are sewn together.

6. Lay the units back out as they were in step 3. Now you have the option of sewing them together as rows or as squares. I chose to sew them together as squares.

rows of squares

Units laid out in rows

block layout divided into four squares

Units laid out as squares

7. Sew the first units of rows 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 together to make two squares. Repeat with the second units in each row. You may wish to pin or not. There will be 4 squares total. Press the seam in the first 2 squares made towards the top of the block and the second two squares towards the bottom of the block.

pins in fabric

Pieces pinned together

four squares

Units sewn into four squares

8. Lay out the squares as they were in step 3. Sew the top two squares together and the bottom two squares to create two halves. Press the seams in opposite directions.

Two halves to the block

Squares sewn into halves

Fabric pinned together

Then two halves pinned together

9. Sew the two halves together to create the 10 ½″ block. I always pin when sewing units together with more than one seam to match. Press the seam in either direction or make a pinwheel centre if you know how – this will just allow the middle of the block to sit flatter. If you have already pressed the seam the pinwheel will not work very well. I pressed before I thought to make the pinwheel.

LeMoyne star block

10 ½″ LeMoyne Star block complete

An easy way to make the LeMoyne star – no cutting diamonds, no setting in pieces and no templates.

Happy Quilting!

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