Squares on a string

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

The last free motion Friday I created a string of pearls. I even used the string of pearls motif on my Stitch Along Sunday piece the other day to quilt it.

I then started thinking about what this motif would look like with other shapes done along the string. To the sewing machine I went to try out my ideas.

I did a few different shapes. The square on a string motif is at the top of the page and this could easily be elongated to make a rectangle.

Diamonds on a String

diamonds stitched on a straight line

Diamonds on a string

Triangles on a String

Upward pointing triangles on a string

Triangles pointing up

Downward pointed triangles on a string

Triangles pointing down

Ovals or Oblongs on a String

Oblong shapes on a string

Oval shapes on a string

The step by step instructions outlined in a string of pearls is exactly how you would make each of these shapes.

Lots of fun these motifs on a string are and great for filling in big spaces or borders on a quilt. To add a bit of variety you could change it up by using 2 or 3 or more of the shapes in the same string or alternate side by side.

Happy Quilting!

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