Grey, black and turquoise fabrics in a crazy patch

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

The end of August almost and I have just finished my third week of blogging for QUILTsocial. This past week I was working with the Pfaff Passport 2.0 sewing machine and I have to say it is a nice little machine – easy to use and has some great features. More info about many of it’s features can be found on QUILTsocial.

Pfaff sewing machine Pfaff Passport 2.0 on a cutting mat

Pfaff Passport 2.0

One of the projects I was working on this week was a crazy patch design for a chair cushion. In all of my quilting years I have never done a crazy patch design let alone use decorative stitches on one. This is the start of the cushion – 9 crazy patch blocks with 9 different decorative stitches.

many blocks using triangle shaped fabrics in black, grey and white

9 crazy patch blocks

Seeing how the piece is for my nephew and his wife who like black and grey I thought it had best be in those colours. I didn’t want just an achromatic colour scheme and so I went with adding in a colour to create an achromatic plus colour scheme.

I don’t think they really have an accent colour in their house and I know Kimm liked these fabrics with the turquoise in them as I had used them in June when I was home to make my test piece for Geometric Forest. I guess now it will have to go with the chair cushion when I get it quilted and oh maybe some throw pillows as well – whoa, Jen, slow down don’t get to0 carried away as you still have how many UFO’s to complete?

I am in the process of completing the chair cushion and it will be unveiled my first day of blogging for QUILTsocial in September which is Monday the 15th. Make sure to check in then to see how it turns out.

Another little project that I made this week was an agenda bag for my great-niece to take to school with her. These little bags are used to carry important papers from the teacher home and back again. I am sure she will be the envy of all her classmates with this cool agenda bag. The bag is approximately 11 x 14 inches which is large enough to hold a scribbler and draw it closed at the top.

fabric bag with a cat and letters on it in bright colours

Agenda bag

Just wondering how many of you use the decorative stitches on your sewing machine? And how often?

Happy Quilting!

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