Cutting Up A 10 Inch Square - Count The Ways

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

We all have them, well maybe not all of us but a good many of us quilters have bought the pre-cut 10 inch squares. We brought them home with great intentions of creating a masterpiece or at least a baby quilt and then …. they went in the drawer never to see the light of day again.

These Layer Cakes as Moda calls them contain 40 to 44 – 10 inch squares – that’s a lot of squares to do something with.

Square of red fabrics with trucks

A 10 inch square

Where to start is usually the problem. I know that I just don’t want to sew up the squares and have a quilt of 10 inch squares. Some of the packages do provide some graphics on how to cut these up into smaller squares but many do not.

I’ve created a few cutting scenarios below with some left over squares from another project. Maybe these ones will get turned into something wonderful now.

Squares & Rectangles

These cuts are all divisible by 2 ½″.

4 squares

4 red squares

4 – 5 inch squares

4 rectangles

4 blue rectangles

4 – 2 ½ x 10 inch rectangles

16 squares

16 red squares with dots

16 – 2 ½ inch squares

1 large rectangle & 4 small rectangles

1 large and three small light blue rectangles with dots

1 – 5 x 10 inch rectangle & 4 – 2 ½″ x 5 inch rectangles


2 large triangles

Two large green triangles

10 inch square cut on diagonal once

4 medium triangles

4 orange triangles

10 inch square cut on diagonal twice

1 large & 2 medium rectangles

one green and two orange triangles

Three triangles

8 small rectangles

8 light green triangles with dots

5 inch squares cut on diagonal once

The above photo could be taken another step further and each 5 inch square could be cut on the diagonal twice to give 16 small triangles.

Multiple Pieces

rectangles & squares #1

red and blue pieces - squares and rectangles

Multiple pieces

rectangles & squares #2

Multiple sizes of squares and rectangles

Large and small pieces

rectangles & squares #3

Large rectangle, small rectangles and small squares

Rectangles & squares

So all of the above cuts are either divisible by 2 ½″ or are a result of cutting the 10 inch squares in half or quarters.

There are still many more cutting scenarios for the 10 inch square that are divisible by 2 inches. I’ll explore those another day since I’ve got enough here to keep me busy for a bit.

Happy Quilting!

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