Curved Piecing From A Pre Cut Kit

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

I was checking out a bin in the back room that was full of kits I bought years and years ago. Of course none of them opened or anything out of the package. I guess in a way long forgotten as I moved beyond the kit phase of my quilting life.

I pulled 4 kits out of the bin. The first three I opened up and went oh my those fabrics are hideous. Whatever possessed me to purchase them is beyond me but we all have impulse buys and I am sure these were impulse buys. The fabrics all went into the scrap bin.

The fourth kit intrigued me since it was a pre cut kit – I know I’m not terribly fond of pre cuts but this one the pieces are curved and they are all Bali Batiks from Bentarex called the Wheel of Mystery Quilt. No pieces to cut since it was already done for me – just sew them up and create something spectacular.

Three stacks of different sized curved pieces

Pieces all cut and stacked in a tray

I figure I need another project on the go like I need a hole in the head but I opened up the package anyway and looked at all the pretty batiks and thought why not – it might be kind of fun and a little bit different from what I have been doing.

Cover of the kit

Picture of the design

Besides the kit was talking to me and saying I don’t want to go back in that bin, it’s dark and scary in there plus the other kits don’t play very nice.

Putting the Pieces Together

There are three pieces to each section and 4 sections to each block. I chose to just pick pieces from the stacks of pre-cuts to sew together rather than trying to match anything up.

Three pieces each a different shape for each section

Three pieces make a section

To begin each piece has cut in notched registration markers. These notches get lined up when sewing the pieces together. No pinning is required and in fact it would be a hindrance.

Each piece has registration notches to match up

Notches in each piece

Instructions do come with the kit and so I followed them.

Sew piece A & B together with B on top. Sew slowly to ensure a ¼″ seam and proper alignment. The notches met up perfectly as I sewed the pieces together.

Fabric under the machine and notches meeting up

Notches line up perfectly

Piece A & B sewn together.

Small triangle sewn to large triangle on a curve

Pieces A & B sewn together

Press the seam towards piece B. It pressed very flat.

Curved triangle pieces lying flat

Seam presses flat

Piece C is sewn on top of piece A starting at the skinny end.

Section created with 3 curved triangle pieces

Section complete

The seam is pressed in two directions.

Seam from A & C pressed in two directions

Press seam in two directions

The Block

I have 4 sections sewn together and here they are in a four patch with space between them.

4 sections of 3 triangles each

4 sections completed

When sewn together they will look something like this. I didn’t measure but they look to be about a 9 inch square.

Four sections make a block

Sections made into a block

I am pretty sure I am not going to make the design on the package which is why I originally bought the kit  but rather use the sections and blocks to create something else. I suspect I will be adding in some more curved piecing to the creation. I’m really liking the spacing between the blocks – now to find the perfect fabric to fill in that space.

Well, that was fun – something different and I actually enjoyed these pre cuts since I do enjoy curved piecing.  Only a few more to go. I’ll keep the package by my machine and when I have a minute or two I can sew a few together.

Happy Quilting!

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