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Hey Everyone, welcome back to Quilts by Jen.

It has been a full year since I completed the 365 day blog challenge – wow! another year gone by – where does the time go? When I was a kid everything took so long to come around – summer holidays, birthdays, Christmas, etc. I would complain as kids do and the adults would say – just wait, the years will go by faster and faster the older you get. Well their prediction has come true and how I wish I could slow time to that of when I was a kid but I can’t and so the years will continue to fly by. I will just have to make the best of that time.

2014 was a great year for Quilts by Jen and I was able to create many new patterns, finish UFO’s, visit many guilds to talk about my quilts and enjoy life but I didn’t keep up with the blogging as faithfully as I had wanted to. So I have a plan.

Follow the Arrow quilt in black and jewel colours

Follow the Arrow – new pattern last fall

2015 is a new year and I am up for a new challenge – another 365 day blog challenge. Call me crazy but I am going to do it again. So your in boxes will once again be filled with daily posts from Quilts by Jen with lots of helpful hints, ideas, how to’s, inspiration and projects.

I will continue with a theme for each day – some will stay the same and some will change. I am planning on making many of the posts more project oriented using up my stash, pre-cuts and scraps. I also have a goal of creating a project with every specialty ruler that I own and trust me the ruler drawer has many.

An assortment of rulers

Just a few of my rulers

I’ll start with highlighting the ruler on Cool Tool Thursday, demonstrating how to use the ruler on Technique Tuesday, creating a small piece on Stash Blasting Wednesday and finally quilting the project on Free Motion Friday. So that should mean I don’t have any new UFO’s – yeah, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Mondays will feature a new challenge and theme – Mug Rug Mondays – a new mug rug each week for 52 weeks. The idea came about with this Autumn mug rug I created for QUILTsocial. A great way to use up those scraps. More about this challenge on Monday.

Leaf motif in autumn colours

Maple Leaf Mug Rug

Stitch Along Sunday will be back and Ruth Blanchet from Arbee Designs will be creating the challenges again for us all to follow along with. Her first set of rules are due out today.

Mini art quilt

April 2014’s Stitch Along Piece

And last but not least Saturday. I’m thinking postcard size designs highlighting different elements of design which may be abstract or not. This one will be a work in progress as I go. Or maybe I should continue with finishing those UFO’s I didn’t get done last year – there are still a few to go. How did you do?

Aztec Jewel block quilt

Aztec Jewel – still a UFO

I will also continue to be a guest blogger on QUILTsocial each month for a week at a time. So with 5 posts a month times 12 months that’s 60 posts a year. Add that to my 365 and well I’m not seeing much time for sleep in my future.

So do you think I am crazy? I certainly do but hey life would be pretty boring if I wasn’t doing these crazy challenges to keep me on my toes and out of trouble. Besides what else do I have to do?

Happy New Year to you all and I wish you and yours a prosperous, joyous and healthy 2015 with tons of quilting and creating time.

Happy Quilting!

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