a stack of stiff heavy interfacing

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Timtex is a very stiff interfacing used in items such as bowls, bottom of a bag and postcards to name a few. This stiff interfacing can come plain or with fusible on both sides. As you can see in the photo above it is quite substantial.

The advantage to having the fusible on the interfacing is that there is then no need to add fusible web to the fabric so it will adhere to the interfacing. I have found on larger projects the fusible already added is an asset making it easier to fuse the fabric to the interfacing and prevent any wrinkling of the fabric.

This stiff interfacing is very easy to sew through and work with. It is easy to work with a form into the shapes of bowls such as in Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls by Linda JohansenFast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls by Linda Johansen. Any type of stitching from straight stitch, to satin stitch to free motion can be used on this interfacing with great results.

Timtex can be purchased on the bolt or as a package of sheets. C&T Publishing is a distributor of this product.

Timtex is the original stiff interfacing with no fusible on it while fast2fuse has the fusible in place ready to adhere to fabric.

A similar product from Pellon is Peltex and it also can be purchased with or without the fusible web in place.

I have used the product several times and find it very easy to use to make fun and interesting items.

I’ve used Timtex to make this little Inukshuk card to send to Thailand as a thank you gift for a friend’s father. Everything was fused to the Timtex and then stitched in place. So easy to put in an envelope and send.

Have you tried Timtex? or Peltex?

I have a project already in mind to use one of these products for. What about you?

Happy Quilting!

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