Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I am so happy H.A. Kidd passed this tool onto me because I won’t have sore fingers when I have done basting my quilts.

My favourite way to baste quilts is with safety pins but my fingers are sore at the end especially if the quilt is a large one. Now with the help of the Safety Pin Fastener I will be able to keep on pinning and pinning and pinning.

The tool is on a soft non-slip handle and has a metal shank with 3 grooves at the end. The grooves help to close and open the pins with ease.

Blue handled tool with shank that has 3 grooves at the tip

Grooves on end of fastening tool

I’ve also received a brand new package of Klassé Brass Basting Pins to use. Just like sewing machine needles basting pins get dull as well and should be replaced occasionally. The ones I am using are 1 ½″ in length but they do come smaller. I like this size because then I don’t have to put as many in the quilt but now that I have this handy tool who knows.

a pile of brass coloured safety pins

Brass basting pins

How to use the safety pin fastener

Place the pin into the fabric.

Pin being inserted into fabric layers

Place pin into fabric layers

Place the grooved end of the tool where the pin is going to break through the surface.

Tool placed where pin will pop out

Tool in place to meet end of pin

Place the sharp end of the pin on one of the grooves.

Place pin end on the groove of tool

Pin end placed on groove

Push down on the fastening tool and close the pin.

Pin and tool groove meeting

Push pin down on tool groove

As easy as that. To open and remove a pin do all the steps in reverse.

Safety pin fastened and tool removed

Safety pin fastened with ease

Here’s a little video to show you just how fast and easy it is.

I wish I had one of these tools in my tool box years ago but now I do so I am as happy as a clam and so are my fingers. Definitely a must have tool for anyone who bastes their quilts with pins.

Happy Quilting!

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