Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I have an awful time using a thimble – in fact I become all thumbs when one even comes near me. I’ve tried all kinds – metal, leather, silicone but still all thumbs. As a result I often have sore fingers after doing a lot of hand sewing especially if there is a stubborn spot where the needle doesn’t want to pull through the fabric.

I’ve put up with sore fingers for years and recently I was at my LQS and found these needle grab’rs. I thought oh boy maybe these will work better than a thimble for me. Of course I picked up a package and brought them on home to give them a go.

Two round rubber discs in a package

Package of needle grab’rs

They are a round rubber disc that are not unlike the round rubber jar openers that I have in my kitchen. Maybe just a tiny bit thicker and smaller of course.

two round yellow rubber circles on star fabric

The rubber needle grab’rs are a great alternative to a thimble

Just fold the needle grab’r over the needle, grip it with your fingers and push the needle through the fabric. If the needle needs a pull then wrap the needle grab’r around the pointed end of the needle and pull the needle through the fabric. Perfect for any heavy fabrics, regular cottons, embroidery work and beading.

The needle grab'r pushing a needle through fabric

The needle grab’r in action

Now I thought I would fold it in quarter’s and push the end of the needle with it like a thimble – didn’t work so well. In fact the rubber is soft enough that the end of the needle pushed through the rubber and into my finger. I do not recommend using it this way but rather the method outlined above.

Finally, an alternative to thimbles for those of us who are all thumbs when it comes to thimbles.

This cool little tool has found a home in my hand sewing kit for sure.

Happy Quilting!

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