close up of stitching and applique

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

Here it almost the end of the month and today I am ready to do some stitching.

The complete rules for this week can be found on Ruth’s blog – Week 4 Rules. And while you are there make sure to check out the gallery to see what everyone else is creating.

Even though I decided to go pretty simple with my quilting and stitching on this piece it still took me all morning to complete – I don’t seem to work as fast as I used to. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.

First things first I had to sandwich the layers and pin them together.

Layers of quilt pinned with safety pins

Sandwiched and pinned

I started with the cream appliqué and used a matching variegated thread to outline each piece with a narrow satin stitch. My stitch width was 2.0 and length was 0.15.

Stitching done along cream fabric

Cream stitching done

Here is a close up of the stitching.

Cream zigzag stitch along cream fabric

Close up of zigzag stitch

The blue appliqué shapes I did the same but with a blue variegated thread. I could have used a high contrasting thread for all the appliqué but I decided that there was enough going on in the piece and didn’t want to take away from everything else.

stitching done around appliqué pieces

Appliqué stitching complete

Here is a close up of the blue stitching.

close up of stitching and applique

Blue zigzag stitch

I hummed and hawed about what to quilt on the background and started drawing out some fancy motifs and then decided I would just go with simple straight lines. The reason being is once I put the coloured triangles all over the background there won’t be much of the quilting to see. I might even do some more quilting once the triangles are in place. It’s kind of hard to see the stitching lines in the pic – trust me they are there.

Background quilted with straight lines

Background quilted

A close up of the lines. I used a multi-coloured variegated thread to match the multi-coloured triangles when they are in place.

Straight lines stitched in blue background fabric

Close up of background stitching

The piece as it stands now is 13″ x 23 ½″. Now it is just waiting for the triangles. I’ll do those next week and add in some final touches along with the binding.

I’m still not quite sure how I am going to attach the triangles yet but I have another week to think about it. Any suggestions!

Happy Quilting!

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