Hey Everyone, welcome back to Mug Rug Monday.

Happy Canada Day!

I know I’m a little late with my holiday wishes but I did make the mug rug and post it to the website on Canada Day.

Technically this is week #26 and should be mug rug #26 but it is really #25 because I haven’t done last week’s mug rug yet. But if you count my the 2 I did in week 20 – Canada Geese then I have made 26 mug rugs. Regardless, I still need to make last week’s mug rug.

As you have probably guessed by now my mug rug looks like the Canadian flag and is red and white.

Since I live in the forest and am surrounded by maple trees I just walked into my yard and picked a leaf from the tree to act as my template for the maple leaf appliqué. In order to get a tracing of it I photocopied it first.

a green leaf and a black leaf that was photocopied

The leaf and a photocopy

The red fabric has Inukshuks on it – it was a fabric from Northcott for the 2010 Olympics. And the white fabric has snowflakes. Both motifs are very fitting for my Oh Canada mug rug.

After tracing the leaf onto Steam-a-Seam I then fused it to the red fabric, cut it out and fused it to the pieced background. The background is 7″ x 12″. The perfect size for a mug and plate of goodies.

Red, white and a maple leaf

Leaf fused to white background

I sandwiched the quilt and pinned the layers together prior to stitching down the leaf edges. I chose a solid red thread to do the stitching with. And of course I used free motion zigzag.

close up of red stitching around leaf

Close up of stitching

Straight quilting lines a ½″ apart on the red edge pieces look good. I didn’t want to do anything that would take away from the maple leaf.

straight stitching lines a ½″ apart on the red fabric

Straight lines on the red edges

Finally some stippling around the leaf to augment the leaf design.

white background has white stippling around red maple leaf

Stippling in white background

And a binding of red to complete my little O Canada mug rug.

a Canadian flag mug rug

O Canada The Mug Rug

I like the back too. Love how the red stands out on the white.

the back of the mug rug with red stitching lines on white fabric

Red quilting on back

And then I had this image I took and I kind of wish I had put a bit of a twist on my piece. Oh well, next time.

leaf on a slant

On a slant

I hope all my Canadian readers had a wonderful Canada Day.

Happy Quilting!

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