Pillow cover of blue and multi-coloured fabrics

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Form/Motion Friday.

I finished my quilt challenge project for QUILTsocial this week and had some fabric leftover – not enough to make a quilt out of but enough to do something with it. The big reveal of the two quilts for the challenge will be at the beginning of April on Quiltsocial.

Leftover fabric from a quilt challenge

The leftover fabric

I decided to make 3 pillow covers to go with the quilt each measuring approximately 18 inches square.

I had the off cuts from the Hour Glass block used them to make two of the pillow covers.

Blocks made up of off cuts from another block

The off cut blocks

Pillow Cover #1

Here’s the first one using only the off cuts from the Hour Glass block.

a pillow cover made from blue and eclectic fabrics

Pillow cover #1

Pillow Cover #2

The second one I only had 12 of the off cut blocks left so had to put a border around it to get the same size pillow cover. The blue fabric was pretty much all gone with this piece.

Border added around the off cut blocks

Pillow cover #2

Pillow Cover #3

The third one I just did 5 inch squares as I hardly had any blue fabric left to work with and the whole quilt is really based on 5 inch squares – quite appropriate to go with the quilt.

Checkerboard pillow cover

Pillow cover $3

Now this is what I have left and I still need to make a backing for one of the pillow covers and possibly a bit more binding. I have the other 2 backings under control with the flannel that was left. I even used up the rest of the batting.

What's left of the leftover fabric

The last of the leftovers

I’ve done pretty good I would say.

Now I had best get these quilted and finished as they need to be delivered tomorrow along with the quilt.

Happy Quilting!

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