how to tie off and bury thread ends

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

Last week on Cool Tool Thursday I reviewed self threading needles and how awesome they are. Since then I have had several quilters ask for a tutorial on how to use them.

I figured this technique was much easier to demonstrate in a video tutorial than with photos and descriptions so once again I had Houlden Studios Photography direct and produce another instructional film for you.

So, here is a video tutorial on how to pull the top thread to the back of the quilt, tie off the threads on the back and bury the ends.

Tying Off and Burying the Ends

1. Pull the top thread to the back and if both threads are on the top then pull them both to the back. I find it helpful to keep the needle upright in the fabric by working on a hard surface – it seems easier to slide the thread into the end of the needle in this position.

needle standing upright in quilt

Needle perpendicular to quilt

2. Tie a knot with the threads. I only tie two threads at a time as anymore creates too large of a knot and it won’t tuck under the backing very nicely.

3. Bury the threads under the backing of the quilt: place the needle in the fabric, thread the needle with the thread ends and pull through the fabric.

needly pulling thread ends under backing fabric

Needle in backing fabric ready to pull thread under


4. Clip off ends at the fabric. I find that small sharp scissors work best for this job.

clipping off thread ends

Clip off ends very close to back of quilt

Happy Quilting!

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