Bargello Sunflower Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

I am preempting the usual programming for today to showcase some of the sunflower quilts that either students or customers have made from my patterns.

The sunflower at the top of the page is my original one that I created 2 years ago now. I have certianly enjoyed sharing it with all of you.

I also enjoy receiving photos of your sunflower quilts as it keeps me inspired to keep on creating.

Bargello Sunflowers

Jean’s Sunflower

Jean was in one of the first sunflower classes I taught and did an awesome job with her piece.

A sunflower in golden yellows

Jean’s sunflower

Liz’s Mini Sunflower

Liz did the mini sunflower in a class last fall I taught at the Rouge Valley Quilt Guild. I love the colours she chose and she used the border from my Bargello Dahlia pattern to complete the mini sunflower piece. Works beautifully.

mini sunflower in orange

Liz’s sunflower

Ann’s Sunflower

Ann changed hers up a bit and has 3 sunflowers – 1 whole and 2 part. It looks fabulous.

3 sunflowers in golden yellows

Ann’s sunflowers

Laura’s Sunflower

Laura went all out with the centre of her piece and used a Bargello swirl. A great addition to the sunflower.

golden sunflower with a swirled centre

Laura’s sunflower

Marge’s Sunflower

Marge made hers for a queen size bed. She did a great job increasing the size of the piece and adding on extra borders.

bed size sunflower quilt

Marge’s sunflower

I’m not sure how bountiful these sunflowers are but they all are certainly beautiful.

Happy Quilting!

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