Welcome back to Quilts by Jen. The past 3 years life has taken me in a different direction; I am still quilting however I haven’t been updating my blog and website. Now that we are living in this world of social distancing I have been spending a lot more time in my studio as well as thinking about where I want Quilts by Jen to go.

I am pleased to announce that I am now able to present my trunk shows and workshops virtually. I’m really excited about this opportunity because it allows me to present from anywhere in the world . And, any group or individual from anywhere can book me for a virtual event. How fun is that?

I will miss the in person shows and workshops as I do love the interaction with fellow quilters and the social atmosphere of guild meetings and workshops.

COVID has certainly changed how we think and do things but in many ways it has brought people closer together and is creating conversation again. Unfortunately, it has also isolated many people and holding virtual programs will let many of us who are isolated be a part of our community again. And isn’t that what quilting is all about – being a part of a community – meeting with like minded people, learning new techniques, creating quilts and making friends.

Take a look at my Trunk Show and Workshop page to see what I have to offer.

I look forward to coming to a computer near you and sharing my love of colour, design and quilting with you.

Happy Quilting!

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