Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

I was experimenting with the Twisted Log Cabin pieces a while back and came up with so many different designs by using 3 left and 3 right twists. The original Twisted Log Cabin I did uses the same twist for all six sections.

I had many designs to choose from and once I made my decision I went to work putting the sections together. This is the design I chose which looks a bit like an angel. Or at least I think it does.

angel design in purple, orange and green

Chosen design – an angel

Well, in my construction I ended up twisting something around and came out with a totally different design which I thought I was absolutely awesome and looked like a Trumpet Lily.

A trumpet lily in green, purple and orange

The surprise design – a trumpet lily

Sometimes mixing up the construction ends up in a rather wonderful surprise. And I love the secondary colours of orange, green and purple which make up a triadic colour scheme.

There are trumpet lilies in the forest behind our house which make a very brief appearance each spring – blink and you can miss them but I have my very own trumpet lily now that blooms all year round.

green, orange and purple trumpet lily on a blue background

The trumpet lily quilt

I am off to Kalidescope of Quilts in Exeter, Ontario at the end of this month (May 30 & 31) to teach this wonderful quilt and do a trunk show. And prior to the class I am in Dunnville, Ontario at the D.O.T.S. Quilt Show (May 27 & 28) as their featured artist where I will have the Trumpet Lily on display.

Happy Quilting!

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