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I’ve had a few ironing board covers over the years, some that have lasted quite a while and others that have only lasted a few weeks.

Now I have one called The Steady Betty Superior Pressing Surface which came with my new pressing station from Eddycrest Sewing Furniture.

Pressing table with a Steady Betty on top

My Steady Betty pressing surface

I have never really paid much attention to ironing board covers and in a recent class I taught one of my students had one. I thought it looked interesting but didn’t really pay much attention to it.

I’ve now used mine for almost a month and can clearly see the difference between it and the traditional cover on my ironing board.

The pressing surface is made from foam which makes for a much superior pressing surface.

Pressing a block on the foam Steady Betty

Pressing on the foam surface

Benefits of The Steady Betty

1. Fabric stays where it is placed and does not move. The foam surface grabs the fabric and keeps it there. This is great because then there is no stretching or distortion when pressing seams which means nice even square blocks, rows and quilts.

2. The pressing surface doesn’t get near as hot as a regular ironing board cover which means it is easier to handle the fabric and pieces when pressing – no scorched fingers unless of course they get too close to the iron. I have been pressing seams open on a memory quilt I am presently making and didn’t need to use a stylet to hold them open, just my fingers.

3. Long seams stay uniform and straight. The strips grab the surface and don’t move. No more wonky seams. Great for pressing binding in half and long bias pieces.

4. It sits flat and the surface is firm making for a great pressing area. Mine is nice and firm as it sits on top of a piece of wood. The firmness I find also makes for flatter crisper seams.

It did take me a bit to get use to The Steady Betty Surface but now that I am it is great. The only thing I am still getting use to is that when the iron goes off the fabric it doesn’t glide on the pressing surface and stops rather abruptly unlike on my old ironing board where it just glided along often taking the fabric and seam with it causing distortion.

Pressing to squares

Fabric in place and iron ready

The Steady Betty Superior Pressing Surface comes in many different sizes as well as do it your own kits for custom sized ironing boards which is what I have on my pressing station.

Caring for The Steady Betty

1. If it gets a dimple just mist with water and rub out the dimple with your fingertips or a warm iron.

2. It can be washed by hand or delicate cycle in the machine.

3. Hang to dry or low temperature in the dryer.

4. Never scrub the surface as it could tear.

5. Unwanted threads can be removed easily and quickly with a lint roller.

Steady Betty with lint roller

Lint roller to pick up stray threads

I am very impressed with The Steady Betty and do believe that my pressing is better than on a regular pressing surface.

I guess I am going to have to get a portable one now for the cottage, retreats and classes since I don’t think I can go back to a regular ironing surface after using the Steady Betty Superior Pressing Surface.

Steady Betty Logo

The Steady Betty

Do you have a Steady Betty Pressing Surface?

Happy Quilting!

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