The Quilter's Color Club by Christine Barnes

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Colourful Friday.

Today a few ladies from the Orillia Quilter’s Guild met for the first meeting of the Colour Club. There were 10 of us in total and we have decided to work through the book The Quilter’s Color Club by Christine E. Barnes to gain a better understanding of colour.

This book has a great layout talking about colour, value, the colour wheel and it’s different schemes. Along with all of these discussions are exercises to help the club along in understanding each colour scheme, value, intensity and so on.

We have decided to start with making the traditional colour wheel as well as the Herbert Ives colour wheel which Joen Wolfram bases her book Colour Play on. As suggested in Christine’s book we will be using fabric to create the wheels. The idea is from this book as well and we will be trading fabrics with each other to create the colours from the pure hue to the shades and tints for each colour on the wheel. Our first colours to start with next meeting are yellow and yellow-orange. Can’t wait to start trading fabrics and seeing what everyone brings.

It is going to be a great group to belong to as there are going to be 10 pairs of eyes seeing the fabrics and the colours and each interpreting them in a different way. The discussion that is sure to ensue will be enlightening and interesting. Not to mention the time for social interaction with fellow like minded quilters will be an added bonus.

Take a look at the book – it is a great book that you and your fellow quilters could use to understand colour better. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn. There isn’t even any sewing involved – all the exercises have you pasting the fabric in position. Get together at someone’s home and start your club today – take turns each month going around to each other’s houses and using each other’s stashes to work through the exercises.

A Colour Club – what fun! I always wanted to belong to a club.

Happy Quilting!

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