About Jen

Jen with an Animal Party variant and Soda

Jen with an Animal Party variant and Soda

Hello, my name is Jennifer Houlden.  I am Canadian, a nurse by profession and live with my husband and 3 animals in the magnificent Ontario township of Oro-Medonte.  I am extremely passionate about quilting, teaching and designing.  One day, long after the first quilt I had made for my niece at the age of 12, I was reintroduced to quilt making. A new shop had opened up in Yellowknife, NT, Canada and I decided I was going to learn how to quilt.  It didn’t take long before I was soaking up every piece of information I could, taking every class available and buying all the cool fabric, tools and gadgets. My husband shook his head at my jumping in with both feet and thought it would just be another passing fad like all the other crafts I had pursued in the past. Boy was he wrong – now here I am ten years later designing, teaching and pattern writing.

While living in the Canadian Arctic I was very lucky to be able to take a number of quilting classes from local instructors and instructors the guild brought in from all over Canada and the USA. My horizons broadened in the quilt world with every new class I took and every new technique I was exposed to. I soon developed a love for movement in my quilts or the illusion of movement rather seeing how the quilt really is an inanimate object but some designs sure make those quilts look like they are moving.

From the Arctic we moved to the Australian Outback where my quilting experiences and horizons grew even more. This is where my passion for quilting really blossomed as a whole new world of challenges was opened to me.  Through online classes I was introduced to the world of quilt design in both traditional and artistic quilting endeavours.  Along the way I was fortunate to meet some wonderful Australian quilting teachers who have had a great influence on my designing today. This is when I was introduced to Arbee Designs. My relationship with Ruth Blanchet and the company has kept growing over the last couple years.

Quilting is no longer just a past time for me but now part of my life.  Everyday I work on quilting in one form or another whether it be designing, writing, sewing or teaching. Everywhere around me I find inspiration for my patterns and the landscape art quilts I design.

Quilting has provided wonderful opportunities for me to travel, meet people and broaden my horizons as well as teaching me to see the world in a totally different light.