Cream and brown Teflon Appliqué Sheets

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I cannot believe that I have never highlighted the Teflon Applique Pressing Sheet for Cool Tool Thursday – one of my most used tools in my studio.

So here it is.

What is a Teflon Appliqué Sheet?

It is just that, a flat sheet made of Teflon (like this one by Bear Threads)which is used to cover pieces with fusible web when creating appliqué pieces and projects to protect the iron and ironing board from get any unwanted glue on them.

If you do end up with glue on the iron don’t fret as a fabric softener sheet will help remove it.

Nothing sticks to Teflon so if any unwanted glue ends up on it just wipe it off once the Teflon is cool.

The Teflon sheets come in many sizes as well as different colours. I have a cream one which is easy to see through and is 18″ x 20″ which is a really useful size as it covers most everything that I do. I also have a brown one which isn’t as easy to see through and is 16″ x 24″. Both are pictured in photo at the top of the page.

I would really like one that is 36 inches square so I have room for building my large Bargello Sunflower. They do make them this size.

They can be stored flat or rolled. I roll mine. And they last forever.

How to use it

Place the sheet over the appliqué pieces that need to be pressed onto the fabric and then place the iron down on top of the Teflon to fuse the shapes to the fabric.

Iron on Teflon with shapes underneath

Fusing the shapes in place

It can also be used as a basis to build a design such as a flower. The whole flower can be built on the Teflon.

Pink flower on Teflon Applique Sheet

Dahlia built on Teflon

And then peeled off once it is cool. For complete details on how to do this check out my Dahlia mug rug post.

Flower pealed off of Teflon sheet as one piece

Flower as one piece

I often put a Teflon sheet under my work as well as on top just to be sure that no glue gets on anything especially if I am away at a class or using someone else’s ironing board and iron. It is just common courtesy. One time I was at a class where people were not being careful and I ended up with a black mark on the lightest area of my work because people couldn’t take the time to place a Teflon sheet where needed.

This is definitely a must have tool for anyone who does appliqué. I would be lost without mine.

Teflon sheets are well worth every penny.

Happy Quilting!

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Bargello Sunflower

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