Twisted Log Cabin in Pastels

Hey Everyone, Welcome Back To Inspirational Sunday.

I haven’t done an inspirational Sunday post in a very long time – not since Stitch Along Sunday started. As you have probably noticed I am not taking part in it this month – just too much going on here in my studio getting ready for CreativFestival this week. Not to mention all my road trips this month.

Speaking of road trips I went to London just over a week ago – no I did not go and visit the queen but rather I went and visited the London Friendship Quilters’ Guild in London, Ontario. What a great group of ladies. I had a great time at the guild meeting talking about creating contrast in your quilts and my white glove ladies were an absolute blast. They did an awesome job.

Instead of just standing at the front of the room holding them up they actually paraded them around the room so all the members could get a close up look. What a great idea.

And my favourite part of any guild meeting is show and tell – it was awesome – lots of wonderful inspiration from a group of very talented artists.

The next couple of days I spent with 10 of the guild members teaching and helping them out with my Twisted Log Cabin workshop. I have to say though that they didn’t need a whole lot of help and by the end of day one many of the ladies were almost ready to put the centres together.

Students hard at work

Hard at work

A lot of serious work was going on during day one. Such trimming the seams.

Trimming the edges on the paper piecing

Trimming up the edges

And sewing of course.

Sewing at the machine

Sewing in progress

Day 2 was spent playing with the different layouts, taking pictures and making decisions. The fabrics and colours were so varied that each and everyone’s piece was unique.

Some did the layout the same as mine with all the twists going in the same direction. The secondary colours of orange, green and purple look awesome on the dark green background.

Pieces laid out in the traditional design

Traditional layout

Others used both the left and right twists making for a totally different look. The green looks like a leaf or palm fawn.

Design done with the left and right twist

Left and right twist design

An alternate design method.

Pieces laid out horizontally

Alternate layout

While others went from light in the centre working out to dark. What great depth in this piece.

Light in the centre out to dark at the edge

Light to dark

And the rest from dark in the centre working out to light.

Solid colours make up this colour palette

Dark in the centre to light on the edge

Unfortunately, there was some use of the seam ripper. I think everyone used it once or twice.

The seam ripper in use for some reverse sewing

A bit of reverse sewing

It was a fabulous two day workshop and the ladies had a blast. Of course along with lots of sewing there was also lots of talking and fellowship. Exactly what you would expect at a quilting class.

Seeing how pieces come together, the colours being used and learning new tips and tricks from other quilters is always a source of great inspiration for me.

Group of ladies holding up Twisted Log Cabin pieces

The workshop ladies and their pieces

I look forward to seeing photos of these finished pieces and possibly heading back again in the future to do another workshop. Thanks ladies for a fabulous two days.

Happy Quilting!

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