Welcome back everyone to Quilts by Jen.

Yes, it has been a while since I posted anything – a month in fact to the day. The break was fantastic and I spent most of it at the cottage.

I’m still not back in my studio but rather I am in Lake Tahoe at Zephyr Point Conference Centre participating in the Artistic Alchemy Retreat.

I’ve always wanted to go to Lake Tahoe. It is not quite what I pictured but gorgeous all the same. Very peaceful and quiet here at Zephyr. Zephyr is a rustic retreat with cabins and lodges.

Some cabins amongst the trees of Lake Tahoe

Cabins along the shoreline

I am in one of the lodges with a lake view of course.

Rustic Tallac Lodge at Zephyr Point

Tallac Lodge home of the retreat

Yesterday I spent the day relaxing with my knitting on the lake shore benches. I kept moving from bench to bench to enjoy different views and to catch the rays.

Knitting sitting on a wooden bench

Knitting on a bench

The class I am taking is called Material Matrix by Sandra Bruce. I am going to be making a quilt of Soda. The short time in class yesterday we set up our work stations and took a look at our fabrics. I can’t wait to get started today.

As well, Christine Barnes and Heidi Emmett are here teaching.

And last evening I was so inspired by our artist in residence Mary Boalt. She is a fabric/textile artist who specializes in wearable art and bags. She has also done some small wall hangings. Absolutely gorgeous and amazing work. Unfortunately, she does not have a website so I cannot share her work with you.

Recently she has been painting on canvas – WOW – is all I can say. I’ll show you the ones I bought when they are in my possession and can photograph them.

I can’t wait to make something with the two canvases I purchased.

Anyway must go as I need some coffee. I’ll post more about the progress of Soda as the week goes on and the Zephyr Retreat.

Three kayaks on the lake

My view

Happy Quilting