Multicoloured quilt

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The Yellow Brick Road pattern from Atkinson Designs is one that I am sure most quilters have made once or twice. Especially in their beginning years of quilting. I know I certainly did.

It is a great pattern that uses several coordinating fabrics and it is fat quarter friendly. It also has several different sizes. I have made a couple of them and both with a purpose.

Multicoloured Flannel Quilt

The one pictured at the top of the page I made for my dad when he was in the nursing home. It was made from coordinating bright coloured flannel and was backed with a dark green Minkie blanket fabric.

One thing I did learn making this quilt is that 505 Basting Spray does not stick to polyester very well. I had always had great success with the basting spray previous to this and that is because I had always used it on cotton which it works very well on. Because the backing kept lifting apart from the batting it was a bit of a bear to quilt. Thank goodness I only used straight lines on the diagonal to quilt it.

Straight line quilting

Close up of fabrics and quilting

I also put this quilt together in a couple of evenings after taking a workshop all day. I wanted to take it home with me when I visited. Talk about a rush job.

He helped me put it on his bed and was very proud of it. Sadly he passed away 8 years ago today.

Purple, Yellow & Green Quilt

Purple, yellow and green version

The first one I ever made I donated to a local charity night in Yellowknife that benefited the Children’s Make Wish Foundation through a silent auction. The event was sponsored by a local airline and was held in one of the big hangars. All the helicopters were removed and the place was transformed into an amazing dinner and dance hall where everyone was dressed to the nines.

This quilt was made with coordinating purple, green and yellow fabrics. This was back when I didn’t like yellow so I am a bit surprised that I picked these fabrics. I remember buying them on a trip home to Saskatchewan when my mom and I went on a road trip to the quilt shop in the next town down the road from us.

This one was also backed with a royal purple Minkie blanket but I do not recall the issues of the layers not staying together. Maybe I pinned it. It was quilted with all over stippling using a pale yellow thread to blend in.

All over stippling motif for quilting

Close up of fabrics and quilting

Happy Quilting!

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