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Hey everyone!

I have just updated my workshop calendar with the classes I’ll be teaching in the new year.  Well, okay, Michael is my webmaster, so really, he updated the calendar, but….. I put the workshop schedule together!

Actually, I’m super-impressed with what my husband has created for my workshop calendar.  It is now way easier to find workshops by type (technique, block of the month, quilt pattern, etc) and now you can view the calendar in a weekly, monthly, yearly format as well as this super useful Posterboard format.  Just use the flyout menu button at the top of the workshop calendar page to change the view or filter the workshops by type.

On top of all that fanciness, you can subscribe to my workshop calendar and get updates right in your iCal or Google Calendar, or just add the specific workshop you’ve signed up for to your calendar.  And (Yeah, I know there’s MORE!) even embedded Google maps of the workshop locations.  Michael really pulled out the stops on this one.  Thanks sweetie!

As always, I’m super keen to teach custom one-on-one workshops. If you have a bunch of girlfriends who want to get together for a weekend or two and learn how to quilt or how to create a particular pattern or project, I can facilitate that too!