Crease Buster

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.  Ever have problems getting those down the middle fold lines out of the fabric?  I think we all have at one time or another.

Normally I just use my iron on top steam with water spraying out to eliminate those tough creases that seem to appear and become etched in the fabric the longer it sits folded in the cupboard.  For years, I only used steam and heat then when I returned to Canada I kept hearing about this Best Press stuff and how everyone loved it.  I thought right – just another gimmick to get quilter’s to spend more money.

At the Country Concessions retreat last fall we all received a small bottle of Mary Ellen’s Best Press in our goodie bag.  I pulled it out when I arrived home and put it on top of the cupboard by the ironing board just in case I might want to try it.  It says on the bottle it is a clear starch alternative – not quite sure what that means.  Another bonus is it is not an aerosol so much friendlier for the environment.  Apparently it doesn’t leave any residue or make the fabric hard and stiff like normal spray starch.  I was still skeptical.

I recently had a very stubborn crease that wouldn’t come out and thought okay I’ll try it.  I sprayed it on the crease and ironed over top of it.

The dreaded stubborn crease.

The dreaded stubborn crease.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I removed the iron and the crease had vanished.

Crease has vanished - magic!

Crease has vanished – magic!

Plus the fabric was still soft and there was no residue on the iron, fabric or ironing board.  Pure magic!

It comes in a multitude of fresh scents as well as scent free.  I have the scent free but just thinking the Caribbean Beach scent might be really good right now in the midst of winter as it is -11 this morning. A Caribbean beach getaway would be great right about now.

So, I, the skeptic of this product, is no longer a skeptic – I just might have to get myself a larger bottle.

So the next time you have a stubborn crease who you going to call? Mary Ellen’s Best Press.

Coolness Factor – Quilts by Jen rates it 6 out of 10.

Usefulness Factor – Quilts by jen rates it 10 out of 10.

[Rating note – a bottle of spray goodness just isn’t all that cool, but hot dog! It sure is useful!!]

Happy Quilting!


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