While Standing In Line At The Post Office

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

The other day when I stopped at the post office which was in the Shopper’s Drug Mart I was standing in line and day dreaming – off with the fairies as they say in the land down under. I finally woke up long enough to notice that there were these really cool patterns on the little packages of kleenex on the shelf across the way.

When I was finished posting my parcel I headed straight over to the kleenex shelf to check out these cool looking designs. Not only did the little packages look great so did a box as well. I gathered up the 2 items making sure I hadn’t missed any other cool designs and headed for the check out counter.

There were 4 cool designs on the small packets and each a different colour. All four colours accented with white which certainly makes the designs pop. All four designs definitely have potential and could technically already be a quilt block.

A great border design.

This one will make a great border design

This one I think is going to be the border on my Bargello Rose design. Maybe that will be my project for tomorrow once I finish my blog post and everything else I need to do. It is suppose to rain so a good day to stay in and play with fabric.

The box of kleenex also has great potential especially because it has colour gradations which I love. Maybe a Bargello – who knows. Look how well it blends in with the green background. Michael did a great job photographing these items for me.

I can see it now - a complementary colour scheme would look awesome

I can see it now – a complementary colour scheme would look awesome

Today was gorgeous so I went for a long walk with my father-in-law in the forest and then spent the afternoon on the deck playing with Electric Quilt 7 (a computer aided quilt design program which I use for a lot of my design work) and designing a really cool modern quilt. Tripod was definitely happy the sun was shining and I was on the deck as her chaperone. My next life is going to be just like hers – minus the frostbite.

Happy Quilting!

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