The box with the Pfaff sewing machine

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

Today I am not going to talk about a technique but rather about a new website that I am very excited about because I have joined their team as a monthly blogger. The name of this website is QUILTsocial. 

What is QUILTsocial?

This website has been designed and developed by the publishers of A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine. They have created this website for quilters of all levels, who share a passion for the art of quilting. QUILTsocial has been designed to provide inspiration, resources, reference material, product reviews and most of all empower the creativity in all quilters to make quilts that will be cherished forever.

To do this they have brought together a fantastic line up of experienced bloggers and quilters.

My Role at QUILTsocial

For one week a month I will be writing posts on a certain machine, project, technique, etc. This week I am taking an in-depth look at the Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2.  How excited was I to have a new sewing machine show up at my door to play with. I must say it has been very interesting getting to know and work on a different machine from what I am use to.

The Quilt Expression 4.2 sewing machine from Pfaff

Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2

My first post was posted Monday on QUILTsocial and is called The Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2 – Out of the Box & Into the Studio.  I hope you will follow along each day this week as I get to know the machine – review it’s features, functions and stitches while taking it for daily test drives. The daily test drives are definitely the best part. Today’s post is all about getting ready for the test drive.

Make sure to sign up for QUILTsocial’s newsletter and add the site to your bookmarks. There will be some great information about machines, techniques, projects, notions, thread and much, much more in the weeks to come.

So that is what I am up to this week. Very exciting indeed!

Happy Quilting