The Wreath Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to UFO Spotlight Saturday.

It turns out I didn’t quite follow the directions correctly for January’s Stitch Along Sunday and I have ended up with something very different from everyone else. Different is good but now I have another UFO.

I’ve decided to cut up the other half of the wreath triangle to make the mirror image design. I’ve auditioned many different fabrics for the background – light green, dark green, blue, yellow and a few more. This blue was okay but it didn’t quite have the pizzazz I was looking for.

Triangle pieces lying on a blue background

Blue background

In the end I went back to that dark green I had placed my pieces on last week and decided it was my best bet otherwise I would still be pulling fabrics out of the cupboard to audition and would be no further along with this piece. The fabric needed to be a tone on tone with very little design in it to highlight the wreath. The blue above had too much texture and movement.

pieces on a green background with yellow border

Wreath on a green and yellow background

I like the green and with the yellow border it gives it the punch I was looking for plus the yellow ties into the wreath part of the quilt and all the little bits.

In order to get the pieces back in the centre of the background I added chalk marks to the background piece to show where the pieces should be placed. This made it much easier for placing the pieces back down after the fusible was put on them.

White lines on the green background for piece placement

Chalk marks for placement of pieces

Adding Fusible

I couldn’t really do the normal routine of drawing the piece out on the fusible web and then fusing to the fabric since I already have my pieces cut up.

I thought why not remove the backing paper and place the piece wrong side down on the fusible. Using a Teflon sheet to cover the work I pressed them to the fusible with the iron. It worked really well.

Pieces placed on fusible web right side up

Pieces ready for fusing

After cutting every piece out with the rotary cutter I placed the pieces back on the background.

Pieces cut and ready to have backing peeled off

Pieces all cut up

I decided that I wanted some space between the pieces for the stitching and trimmed an ⅛″ off the blue triangles all the way around.

Wreath placed on background

Wreath pieces in place

Once the pieces are fused in place the next step is to stitch them down.

I am thinking I will use the same thread that I used when quilting them a couple of weeks ago. I have a plan in mind for the stitching but I think it will have to wait until next week.

Happy Quilting!

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