The Wreath Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to UFO Spotlight Saturday.

All right I’m back with The Wreath Quilt and this week I am going to add some quilting to it.

Here it is with no quilting – layered, sandwiched, basted and ready to go.

Quilt basted with pins

Ready for quilting

The thread choices – light blue for the light blue pieces, orange for the brown pieces and a orange/brown variegated for the background. All are rayon threads with a sheen to make the wreath glow.

Three spools of thread on corner of quilt

Thread selection

Stitching the Appliqué Pieces

I started with stitching down the appliqué pieces. I’ve used a fairly close zigzag stitch (width 2.5, length .20) on them but not quite a satin stitch as you can still see through the stitches to the fabric.

I had thought I would stitch all the blue pieces with the same light thread but then decided to go with a dark blue around the darker blue pieces. I am very happy with my decision.

Close up of zigzag stitch on blue sections

Blue stitching complete

The orange looks great on the brown sections. I increased the stitch width a bit to 3.0 and decreased the length to 0.15 because these pieces were a bit bulkier due to the fusible fleece that was on the back of them as a stabilizer for the original stitching. 

Orange zigzag around brown sections of wreath design

Orange stitching complete

Here’s the whole wreath with stitching around each section. It’s amazing how adding some stitching can change the look of the whole piece.

Wreath stitched with blue and orange zigzag stitch

Stitching around wreath complete

Quilting the Background

Quilting the background I wanted to keep it simple but yet do something a bit different. I drew out my lines an inch apart starting at the corner on a diagonal down to the wreath with the Chaco Liner from Clover. I don’t know what I would do without this marking tool – it is my absolute favourite.

White chalk lines on background of quilt

Quilting lines marked on background

If you saw yesterday’s post I tried something a bit different – the zigzag stitch as a quilting stitch. So here it is with the variegated rayon thread coming out from the wreath diagonally to the edge of the quilt. It was so easy to do. The stitch width I set at 4.5 and the length at 2.5. I really like it and it adds just a bit of texture to the background.

Background quilted with a zigzag line motif

Background quilted

The Centre

Now to do something about the centre. I have not been happy with the centre from the get go and knew that I would have to do something with it. I placed a square of brown fabric in the centre and went WOW that really changes the look and just adds a lot of pizzazz and dimension to the piece.

Isn’t it amazing what one piece of fabric can do?

Brown in the centre of the wreath gives it pizzazz

Brown in the centre

The brown will stay. The question is will I just quilt it or will I add bits and pieces of the coloured fabrics to it like the wreath or cut it up and make a totally different centre with it.

I guess you will have to wait until next week to find out what I create for the centre because first I need to pull through all the quilting threads to the back and tie them off.

See you next week for the final instalment of The Wreath Quilt.

Happy Quilting!

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