UFO Spotlight: Granny's Choice Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to UFO Spotlight Saturday.

It has been almost 2 years since I first posted the Granny’s Choice Quilt Block how to. This poor quilt has sat unfinished for a long time but not forgotten as it goes to all of my trunk shows. It is a great example of an achromatic colour scheme.

On the top of my blog posts I have all the social media icons and they each have little numbers on the corner of the squares to say how many times this post has been shared. I was shocked to see that it has been pinned on Pinterest 6.9K times. Impressive.

So it is about time I finished this UFO.

4 Granny's Choice blocks sewn together to make a pinwheel

The original 4 blocks

Today I pulled out the fabrics to create more blocks. I don’t have quite as much fabric as I thought so it won’t be a huge quilt. Following the instructions on my previous blog post I cut all the pieces to make another 12 – 12 inch blocks.

Several rectangles, squares and triangles in grey, white and black

Pieces cut and ready to sew together

The blocks because they are large and have minimal pieces go together quite quickly. In no time at all I had 12 blocks made.

A pile of black/grey/white blocks

12 more blocks

After trimming them all to 12 ½″ I placed them on the design wall along with the original 4. This is what they look like.

So 16 blocks to make this 48 inch square design. I like how the grey creates a square around the black and white pinwheels – very effective. The three fabrics work really well together to create contrast within the design.

A square design of pinwheels and squares in black/grey/white

16 blocks on the design wall

Now the questions is – do I add some colour to this quilt to make it an achromatic plus quilt or just leave it as black, white and grey?

Tune in next Saturday to find out the answer.

Happy Quilting!

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