A stack of quilts and backings

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday and my monthly UFO round up.

It has been a while since I actually posted anything for the UFO challenge I created for myself. In fact I just seemed to skip right on over May and June. It appears that I have not been keeping up on my UFO completion the past few months.

Then I got to looking around and I have completed a few things – mostly pieces that I started in the spring for my Stitch & Flip presentation at Creativfest that were in various stages of completion.

This one I call Rainbow Peaked Elevators – that’s the prairie girl coming out in me. I put hanging sleeves on all sides because I just wasn’t sure what way I liked it best. In fact I even used the triangle hanging tabs on it.

A stitch and flip design with rainbow colours

Rainbow Peaked Elevators

And a couple of cute baby quilts with little appliqued ducks. Aren’t they just adorable? And there are some little ducklings going the wrong way daring to be different. I used up some charm squares I had leftover from a quilt I made many years ago. Pairing them with a a couple of metres of fabric for the rest of the quilt – front and back – a quick baby quilt was created. These quilts finish at 31 x 37 inches.

Duck stitch and flip quilt in pink

For a girl

Duck stitch and flip quilt in blue

For a boy

Now I am on a mission to get more done and have decided that I am sending 10 quilts to my long armer to quilt for me. I came to the conclusion the other morning as I was creating a new design for Christmas that these quilts are not going to get quilted if I don’t take them to Michelle. I am tired of them sitting in my drawers taking up precious space for fabric so next week they will be moving out temporarily.

Another bonus about doing this is that I will deplete my stash a bit more with the backings I need to make and the bindings when they return which means more room for fabric. Like I need more fabric!

The photo at the top of the page is of the quilts and their backings.

Along with the above finished pieces I have also finished the couching on a piece I started in a Carol Taylor class called Arc-i-texture this past spring. My drinking straw came in very handy for this. I got a bit carried away with the couching but that’s okay because it’s mine and I like it.

Lots of couched circles on this piece

Couching in circles

And I have sewn the pieces together for my May Stitch Along since I for some reason decided it needed to be larger than 8 x 12 inches and it is now 16 x 24 inches.

Wonky hearts on a blue and green background

Four wonky hearts

I am hoping by the end of the weekend, which here in Canada is a long weekend, I will have my April, May and June Stitch Alongs completed. Somehow they became a UFO despite the fact that they were to be finished by the end of each month.

How are you doing with your UFO’s? It’s okay if you have come to a standstill as you will return to them just as I have. Sometimes we do get side tracked and life gets in the way. Don’t worry they will get done.

I was also looking at my spreadsheet of UFO’s and have decided that a couple of them are just going to die as I never liked them in the first place and so why waste my time to finish them. A couple of other completed tops may just go to the guild for them to finish as a cuddle quilt – I may not like them but I know that someone else will.

It is good to have these options for quilts we just do not like anymore.

Well, back to those Stitch Along pieces as they are not going to finish themselves, unfortunately.

Happy Quilting!

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