cat lying on an ottoman

Hey Everyone, welcome back to my UFO Monthly Roundup.

The last long weekend of the summer has come and gone. It was a great one for relaxing on the deck and Tripod sure loved it as you can see above. The school buses have started back on their daily commutes pass our house and some of the maple leaves are beginning to change.

I have always felt restless in the fall like I should be starting something new just as we did for so many years growing up – a new grade, a new class, a new teacher and maybe new friends. My restlessness though is more for going somewhere rather than starting something. For many years, when I was nursing I would head south to warmer climates of the southern states to be a travel nurse. To work but also see another part of the world, meet new people and have fun.

So part of me still wishes I could do this and where would I go this fall? Gee, I am not sure but definitely somewhere I have never been before. Katmandu has always been on my bucket list as has Africa and Antarctica. For now though I will just have to dream about these places and get on with my UFO’s. Maybe if I finish so many of them I could reward myself with a trip somewhere. Oh, that’s a great idea!

August started out with great intentions but didn’t finish up so well. But my sister and brother-in-law did visit and I now have a wonderful backsplash in my kitchen. It has only taken 3 years to find the perfect tile – so see with patience the UFO’s will also get done.

photo of kitchen with natural wood cabinets and dark counter

The new backsplash

I also have more shelves in my storage room which has resulted in a very neat and tidy storage room. The bonus is that I can now see where everything is and have easy access to it.

room with many shelves and plastic bins

Clean and tidy storage room

My sister and I attended Quilts at the Creek which was held at the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto as a vendor and we had a wonderful weekend. What a great venue for a quilt show.

booth of quilts and Purely Canadian quilt in back ground

Booth at Black Creek

I dropped off 10 quilts to my wonderful long arm quilter.

Plus I blocked the shawl that I knit this spring.

blue and green knitted shawl

Hue & Value shawl

And I have another pattern written and at the printer’s as we speak. It will be on the website for purchase by the end of the week and is called Square Dance.

So even though I didn’t finish any of those UFO’s I had hoped to it was still a great month and a productive one.

So, if you could just up and go anywhere – where would you go?

Happy Quilting