Toboggans or party favours

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

Today I set out to create a New Year’s motif of those party favours that uncurl and make noise when you blow into them.  And well they also look like the old wooden toboggans I use to fling myself down hills on when I was a kid.

I must not have been very awake when I started out because I thought boy this fabric isn’t moving very well and then I realised that I hadn’t told my machine that I was doing free motion so the feed dogs were still up.

Once I put the feed dogs down and added the Supreme Slider to the work area I was slipping and sliding freely with no drag at all.

How to Stitch the Motif

The motif – a toboggan or party favour depending on what the quilt is all about.

quilting motif drawn on paper

The motif drawn out on paper

Step 1

Start out with the meandering stitch and then stitch an almost straight line for about 2 inches.

Top of motif drawn

Draw the top of the motif

Step 2

At the end of the straight line form a curl up around itself like a snail.

Curl added

Stitch the curl at the end of the straight line

Step 3

Where the curl stops stitch back around to complete the curl back down to where the straight line started. Try to keep the stitching in the curl at an even distance from the first stitch line.

Curl completed

Stitch back around the curl

Step 4

Continue stitching parallel to the first straight line to create the bottom of the motif and then connect the two straight lines. Continue on with the meandering stitch to another motif.

Bottom of motif in place and connected to top

Stitch the bottom of the motif and connect with the top

I tried the motif again and used a bit longer straight area than the one at the top of the post. This version looks more like the party favours.

Stitched with longer straight sections

Longer straight sections on these motifs

Play around and have some fun whether it be careening out of control down the tobogganing hill or making all kinds of noise as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Happy Quilting!

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