A blanket of snow

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

The world of white arrived last night while I was sleeping. I don’t think it is going to stay but it has certainly reminded me that winter is just around the corner and so is Christmas.

Plus, it is that time again – Santa Sac Season.

Last week at CreativFest the sacs were once again a great hit especially my two new designs which just happen to come in the same pattern.

The penguin and gingerbread boy/girl depending on whom you are making it for are this year’s new designs. Michael is pleased as I finally made a sac for him and now apparently I have to fill it – hmmmmmmm, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea making him one. Big boy toys can be very expensive.

The new designs are lots of fun and you can dress them up for either a girl or a boy.

Gingerbread Boy Santa Sac

Red santa sac with a gingerbread man

Gingerbread Boy

These next two sacs I designed right before Christmas last year for Michael’s dad to give to the grandkids so he wouldn’t have to wrap presents anymore. Lots of fun with the fabrics and colours to create these two sacs.

Penguin Girl Santa Sac

purple sac with a girl penguin

Girl Penguin

Penguin Boy Santa Sac

red sac with a boy penguin

Boy Penguin

Don’t forget to check out my pattern page for all the other fun & fabulous designs.

Well, I need to get back to the studio so I can have my orders made and delivered before Santa makes his rounds.

Happy Quilting!

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