The Wreath Quilt Centre

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

I try to write my blog posts the day before so that I have it all ready to be in your in box the morning of the day it is written for. So on Tuesday I am writing for Wednesday which is Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Sometimes though my day doesn’t go quite as planned – life happens – and so the blog posts sometimes end up being short and sweet. Like today’s – yesterday didn’t go quite as planned from noon on.

So as you all know last Saturday  for UFO Spotlight I continued on with The Wreath Quilt and quilted it. I ended the post with needing a different centre for the wreath.

The brown square of fabric stayed and I added small bits and pieces in the shape of a wreath to it. I did the same free motion zigzag as I did on the original wreath way back in January for Stitch Along Sunday.

Small wreath added to centre of wreath medallion

The centre stitched in place

This time though I didn’t cut it up but left it whole. I think it is perfect, how about you?

Small bits and pieces of warm colours in a wreath with zigzag stitching

Close up of stitching

There is still more to add to the story of The Wreath Quilt but I’ll wait to tell it on Saturday as today’s post needs to be short and sweet.

Happy Quilting!

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