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I was teaching a class last Saturday in Shelburne, Ontario and was introduced to this great little measuring gauge. I decided that I had to have this gadget as it was perfect for measuring a ¼″ seam allowance with no muss or fuss. After class I headed over to Cobwebs & Caviar, the shop I was teaching for, to purchase one.

If you are ever in Shelburne do stop in and say hi to AJ, Deb and Marie as the shop has more to offer than just quilting supplies. I didn’t have enough time to spend exploring everything as I had to meet up with Carla from A Needle Pulling Thread magazine to collect a sewing machine from her for my week of blogging on QUILTsocial. My week starts June 16 so make sure to check it out.

Okay I have digressed so back to the tool at hand. The measuring gauge tool from Dritz Quilting is very easy to use and measures 14 commonly used lengths from an ⅛″ to 2″. There are markings on both sides of the flat metal tool. The markings are very easy to see and read.

Tool packaged from Dritz

In the packaging

The tool can be used to figure out where the quarter inch seam allowance is on a sewing machine especially if the machine does not have a quarter inch foot.

To do this place the tool with the quarter inch section in line with the needle. The top left corner of the section will be lined up with the needle. The right hand edge of the section determines where the edge of the fabric is placed. Make sure to mark this line on the body of your machine with tape or removable vinyl strip. Check out my blog post on What if I Don’t Have a Quarter Inch Foot to learn more.

Line up the ¼″ section with the sewing machine needle

¼″ section lined up with needle and is hidden under the foot

It can also be used to measure the seam once sewn to ensure that it is indeed a ¼″ or whatever width is desired.

This ¼″ seam is not quite a ¼″ and some would call it a scant ¼″ seam:

Not quite a ¼″

A scant ¼″ seam allowance

This seam is right on a ¼″:

A perfect ¼″ seam

An accurate ¼″ seam

A ⅜″ seam that was the width of one of my feet:

A seam sewn at ⅜″

An accurate ⅜″ seam

I certainly think this measuring gauge is a pretty handy tool to have in your quilter’s tool box – how about you?

Happy Quilting!

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