Bargello Dahlia Flower Applique Quilt Pattern

Well, the votes are in and the tally has been counted and verified. The preference was clear.

Overwhelmingly, you chose the horizontal layout for the Dahlia Bargello flower. And just quietly, horizontal is my favourite, too.

When I took this decision to my cover designer the feedback was that we have to go vertical to make the image as large as possible given the format of the pattern cover. Seems that since the cover is longer than it is wide, if we use the horizontal image of the quilt, the image comes out too small.

So, while the horizontals have it, the marketing guys stole the show. Ahhhh, marketing. Gotta love it, eh?

So, there you go.

Oh, and the winner? Yes. Majorie from New Brunswick was the winner of the pattern give away.

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Happy Quilting!

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