The Hex N More Ruler From JayBird Quilts

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I’ve pulled another ruler out of the drawer – yep another one and I still have a few more left in there too.

This one is the Hex N More ruler from JayBird Quilts and is a companion ruler to the Sidekick ruler I highlighted a few weeks ago.

The Hex N More ruler can cut several different shapes – hexagons, half hexagons, 60 degree triangles and a jewel shape. The jewel shape is the shape I really want to try out. All these shapes can be cut in a wide range of sizes from 1 inch to 12 inches.

There is a wonderful little instructional pamphlet attached to the ruler – it has great graphics and written instructions for how to use the ruler and cut the different shapes.

This is another one of those rulers that is worth the cost because it can be used for more than one shape, project, etc. I really like multi-purpose rulers – more bang for your buck.

And it has a teeny tiny little brother – the Mini Hex N More which has to be purchased separately. I of course couldn’t’ separate them.

a teeny tiny hex n more ruler

Mini Hex N More ruler

That’s about all I know about this ruler right now and will be looking into it in more depth next week or maybe sooner if I find a spare moment or two.

Happy Quilting!

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