The Hatchet Template

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I’ve had this template sitting around in my studio for about a year and had not even taken it out of the package – yep that’s correct still in the package. When a parcel comes for me I can let it sit for a couple of days before opening it and Michael just finds this remarkable as his curiosity level has him opening boxes as soon as they come through the door. You can guess who usually opens my parcels, can’t you? [Editor’s note: I can’t STAND it when a parcel comes and she doesn’t open it. How can you not want to know what goodness might be waiting for you in that box. Good grief. (to quote a famous figure.)]

Since I am trying to figure out ways to use up the pre-cuts that I have along with many of my scraps I figured I would give this little template a whirl.

The Hatchet Template fits perfectly onto a 5 inch square from corner to corner. Use it to cut off the corners of the square – uh oh more scraps. Add in a couple of new corners to create a new block and sew it all together.

A clear template with pointed ends

Hatchet Template

That’s the gist of how this little template works but join me next Wednesday for Stash Blasting Wednesday to see what I create with it.

Not into creating your own design? No worries because Creative Grids includes a pattern with the ruler template.

template package with free pattern

Free pattern in package

The ruler is clear, easy to read and has a non slip back which I love. Nothing worse than wasting fabric because of slipping ruler.

Check in next Wednesday when I design something with this set of 5 inch charm squares just in time for Christmas.

multiple Christmas fabric squares

Christmas charm pack

Get the Creative Grids Hatchet Template from Amazon now. Buying through Amazon helps support Quilts by Jen website so that I can continue bringing you all this great information.

Happy Quilting!

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