fabric pencil and leads

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I use this tool all of the time and thought I had better share it with all of you. The Sewline Fabric Pencil is one of my favourite marking tools for fine lines. It is like a mechanical pencil and has refills. One of the best things about this pencil is that there are 3 different colours of leads and the refills can be bought separately from the pencil. The 3 different colours of lead makes it easy for marking on any colour of fabric.

These pencils are easy to use and the lead runs across the fabric very smoothly and evenly. The leads are also very easy to change which makes changing colours as required a simple task.

This is the marking tool I use for all the fine lines I need to draw such as the mouths on all the animals on my Ocean Party and Animal Party quilts. The line is fine enough that once I have stitched over it a couple of times it is gone. If there are any marks left they erase away nicely with the eraser provided. And by the way you can buy refills for the erasers as well. The eraser really does work.

package of erasers

Eraser refills

I used this marking pencil to draw the outline and the sections to be quilted on the free motion butterfly I stitched a while back

Another great tool to add to the tool box.

Happy Quilting!

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