dog bones stitched on fabric

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

This post is for Soda who loved her bones and treats. Sadly Soda left this world the other day but she will always be remembered for her unconditional love, stubbornness, love of running with the snowmobile and the ability to swindle just one more treat out of me.

Soda with goggles on

Soda Pop   Sept 11, 1998 – Nov 12, 2013

I think this little motif is great and if you make quilts for a kennel then what more appropriate quilting motif could there be. These bones can be done in any size, as an all over free motion design or just as a single bone.

To make this motif follow the steps below.

Step 1

Start in the middle of the end of the bone and make the first nub of the bone.

Corner of bone stitched.

Make the first nub of the bone.

Step 2

Continue down the shaft of the bone and make a nub at the other end stopping in the middle of the other end.

One side of bone stitched

Stitch the side of the bone and around the other end.

Step 3

Continue around the end of the bone making another nub.

End of bone completed

Continue around and compete one end

Step 4

Follow down the other side of the shaft, make the last nub at the other end, meeting up where the stitching started.

Bone is complete

Sew down the other side and around the other end

Here it is again as an all over free motion design but the bones are smaller than in the top photo at the start of the post.

A quilting motif of small bones

Small bones

Lots of fun especially if you are making a quilt for your favourite canine.

Happy Quilting!

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