The Clover White Marking Pen

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

Last Saturday when I was working on my Funky J quilt and trying to finish it I needed a marking tool that would show up on black fabric. Off I went to my LQS to purchase one.

I came home with the Clover White Marking Pen which is fine point – perfect for this job of tracing around a thin template.

Before using make sure to give the pen a good shake to mix up the ink.

It is a ball point like roller and works just like a pen. If at first it doesn’t do anything roll it on a piece of paper or fabric to get it flowing.

Once flowing trace around the shape or draw on your design. At first the lines will not show as it is air activated. Here I have drawn part of the J and waiting for the bottom curve of the J to appear.

White lines on black fabric - part of the J design

Part of J drawn

But when they do show they are nice and bright and easy to see. The bottom of the J has appeared.

The curve of the J design in white on the black fabric

Bottom of J has appeared

The complete J. Very easy to see and follow for stitching.

White J line drawing on black fabric

Complete J drawn in white

To remove the lines just iron over with a hot iron and they will disappear. Here’s half the J gone.

Half the J has been removed with a hot iron

Remove ink with a hot iron

And now the whole J is gone.

All the ink is gone

Ink has been removed

This is a great marking tool for dark fabrics, easy to use and easy to erase. I am very happy with how it functions and marks.

white marking pen by clover

The Clover White Marking Pen

Remember to always make sure to test on a scrap of fabric before actually putting onto the quilt. Just to make sure it will disappear. Also make sure to put the cap on tightly when finished so the ink doesn’t dry up.

Do you have a Clover white marking pen in your tool box?

Happy Quilting!

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