Hey Everyone, welcome back to Quilts by Jen.

I have been busy this summer creating a new series featuring Canadian Icons. I only have the first 2 in the series made but ideas for many more are running around in my head just waiting to make the top of the list for the next one that is created.

With this being Canada’s 150th birthday year I figured I would try and create quilts featuring icons of Canada. Hopefully creating a quilt for each province and territory as well as a few more representing Canada.

So far I’ve created the quilts for Ontario and the Northwest Territories. I’m quite sure I’ll find one or two more designs that will fit into Ontario.

Ontario – The Lone Pine

The lone pine quilt is inspired by the lone white pine that sits at the end of the rocky point of my in-laws cottage property. From my cottage I have a great view of it across the small bay. These wind swept pines are a true icon of cottage country, are often featured in photographs and paintings – most famously by The Group of Seven – and are found growing on the rocks of the Canadian shield.

Lone Pine art quilt

Northwest Territories – Inukshuk & Northern Lights

Having lived in the NWT for 10 years of my life and flown all over the north as a medevac nurse the northern lights are very dear to my heart as they dance across the sky and surround the plane. Did you know that these lights cannot be seen above the Arctic circle? Along with the northern lights is the Inukshuk – a true northern icon.

Inukshuk and northern lights art quilt

These two designs, along with the ones to come will all be made into patterns. I am presently working on the patterns for these 2 designs and once they have been tested I will be posting them on the patterns page for sale. Expect to see them in September.

The Canadian Icon Art Quilt series are also available as 1 and 2 day workshops. So book yourself along with a few friends or tell your guild or favourite shop that you want to create one of these amazing Canadian Icons – The Inukshuk or The Lone Pine in a workshop.

Stay tuned for the next design to feature an icon of Nunavut.

Until then,
Happy Quilting!

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